Phottix Variable Grey ND filter 2-8 stops


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Cut the light reaching your sensor by 2-8 stops. The Phottix VND-MC Variable ND Filter screws on like a regular lens filter and is completely adjustable. Do away with static ND filters and change density as the environment changes. 

Focusing is much easier with a VND then with a tradition ND filter. Turn the ND down to focus, turn it back up to take the shot – much easier than taking a filter out of the holder and adding it back again.

These filters have 12 layers of multi-coating (6+6) for clearer images with less haze. 

How can a VND filter be used?

  • Variable 2-8 stops of variable density
  • Reduce brightness without affecting color or depth of field
  • Enable slower shutter speeds to cause blurring effect in water, clouds or cars.
  • Decrease depth of field by allowing large apertures to be used while keeping shutter speeds lower.
  • For DSLR Video: Help optimize your shutter speed – keeping it double your FPS rate.
  • When using film: Decrease the sensitivity of high speed ISO films in bright outdoor conditions.