Wifi Remote


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This is a wifi remote controller for Gopro cameras. The Power button ON/OFF to control Action/Stop for the voice recording.

It is very useful for controlling Gopro HD cameras.



1. Support controlling more than 50 CAMERAs at the same time.

2.This wifi remote control fits for All Gopro camera (Gopro Hero HD , Gopro Hero 2 , Gopro Hero 3 , Gopro Hero 3+ , Gopro Hero 4,Gopro Hero 4 Session, Gopro HERO+ LCD Camera)That is to say you only need to buy one GoPro WiFi Remote Control you can control all your Gopro camera

2. To control your GoPro Cameras on/off, shot and setting control

3. LCD of the Remote reflects what is in your Camera LCD

4.Wearable and waterproof to 10-Feet / 3m(Waterproof through professional equipment testing)