Kodak Professional Portra 800 (35mm) Single Roll



Kodak’s Professional Portra 800 is a high-speed daylight-balanced color negative film optimized for use in difficult lighting conditions. It has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 800/30° along with a notable underexposure latitude for effectively pushing to ISO 1600 with maintained quality and extended highlight and shadow detail.

Vivid color saturation and low overall contrast contribute to pleasing skin tones and neutral color accuracy, and a micro-structure optimized T-GRAIN emulsion renders a fine grain structure with high sharpness and edge acutance.


Portra 800 is very well-suited to photographing moving subjects and working in low-light conditions while maintaining true color reproduction.


This item contains one 36-exposure roll of 35mm film.


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Film Format 135
Film Type Colour Negative
Film Speed 800
Colour Balance Daylight
Film Processing C-41
Number of Exposures 36
Number of Rolls 1