Canon Powershot SX60 HS


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The PowerShot SX60HS camera is features Canon’s most powerful SuperZoom yet! TheSX60HS boasts of an massive 65x optical zoom and an incredible 130x Zoomplus, allowing photographers to easily capture subjects at incredible distance, while producing stunningly detailed shots thanks to its 16.1MPs!

Key Features

  • The Powershot SX60 HS has been designed with an incredible 65x Optical zoom and 130x Zoomplus range, perfect for photographers with subjects in the distance!
  • Additionally, the SX60 features a “Seek” button that quickly zooms out to help you find moving subjects (like animals) while the “Lock” button prevents camera shake, helping you produce stunningly still images!
  • Built with the latest technology, the PowerShot SX60HS camera can also connect to WiFi, allowing you to share your captured content onto social media platforms!
  • In conjunction to all these great highlights, the Canon PowerShot has been designed to capture content at the high quality of 16.1MPs, producing detailed and sharp images and videos.
  • Finally the PowerShot SX60HS additionally features a 7.5cm LCD monitor and supports SD, SDHC and SDXC cards.