Canon BP-511A Original Battery


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High Capacity, rechargable Lithium-Ion battery.

When used with camcorders, the BP-511 gives you a maximum recording time of 2 1/2 hours using the viewfinder, or 2 hours using the LCD screen.

When used with the EOS D-series cameras, the battery is capable of approximately 300 shots on a single charge.


— EOS 20Da
— EOS 30D
— EOS 5D
— EOS 50D EF 28-135mm IS Lens Kit Refurbished
— EOS 10D
— EOS 40D with EF 28-135IS Refurbished
— EOS 50D (Body)
— PowerShot G5
— EOS 40D Refurbished (Body)
— PowerShot G3
— EOS 20D
— PowerShot G6
— EOS D30
— PowerShot G1
— EOS D60
— EOS 50D EF 28-135mm IS Lens Kit
— EOS 40D
— EOS 50D Body Refurbished
— Optura Xi
— PowerShot G2
— EOS 30D with EF-S 18-55 Lens Refurbished
— EOS 30D Refurbished (Body)
— EOS Digital Rebel