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Film Processing Wanaka

35mm film processing onsite (or very close!).

Overnight processing but can be done same day (*if dropped off before 10am – ready at 4.30pm).

Film Processing WanakaOver 20 years film processing and printing experience. We use professional C41 Kodak chemistry.

We still scan and print APS film.

With the combination of our Noritsu 3202 wet lab and the Noritsu V30 RA machine we have the best develop and print combination in the South Island of New Zealand.

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Develop Negs  ONLY (No prints or scans) uncut

  • 24/27 shot $15.00
  • 36 shots $18

6X4 prints (glossy/ matte/ white borders options)

  • 24/27 $10
  • 36 shots $15

CD $15 per film (.jpg)

Scan to USB* (jpg)

  • Scans with a Hi Res Noritsu S2 film scanner (jpg or TIFF).
  • $5.00 per film 24/27
  • $10 per 36 film
  • TIFF (add extra $10 per film)


*formatted and clear USB for PC (not MAC use)

Or purchase from us for $15

We can scan and prints from 35mm slide film $2.00 EACH

We can cross process slide film E6/C41  and print same prices as C41 film.

We have a good and continuous range of fresh 35mm and 120mm film in stock from Kodak colour and black and white single packs and multipacks specials plus we stock film camera batteries.